using math to follow the law

I am not a lawyer. I find the text boring and overengineered. However, I like math and the beauty of math. It’s never wrong. It is all around us and make all our devices work etcetera Still people hate it, as it is hard to understand. What you don’t understand scare you. Like interpreting law. Math and law has much in common. It is not available to the masses.

I saw an entry the other day on FB about how to apply for something, with circular references to paragraphs here and there. A mystical scary language and symbols, like doctors’ writing or the world before Gutenberg.

Now here is my idea:

With computing power, fuzzy logic, new ways of presenting data, flow etc …howcome there is no APP for local law, where all logical paragraphs are represented mathematically for me as an illiterate obediant citizen making the priests of law more obsolete while empowering the rest of us with checklists, flowcharts for our unique needs? A cross disciplin app to visualize what is right and wrong. Final presentation could even be translated to any language.

Why not?

Law is more rule driven than business operations. Business Intelligence applied in my iphone to do what is right sounds like a good idea to me.

Also, a mathematical representation of the lawbook can’t be that hard. It would also Quickly identify loopholes and illogical traps. Most likely crooks will use it. “We need the priests to protect us!”

Scary scenario? Must be doable for some disciplines… Anyone against? Well, I asked a question. That’s a start.

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