top things not to do

Half a life time away as a student of engineering physics, with a dream to become the next Cousteau, work in fields of oceanography and with a twist of offshore I wrote myself a “don’t list”

As most of the MrSc graduates in Sweden were unemployed in the early 90’s I realized I needed to have an open heart and mind to enter the market. However, I had a top 4 don’t list:

– never work with IT
– never move to Stockholm
– never go to Colombia
– never go to North Korea

Today, almost 20 years later, I live in and love Stockholm and I enjoy working in the IT industry. I ended up in Colombia once on a forced re- route fr Ecuador (scary story, tell later), which means I have Kim Il Sung left and most likely around the corner.

Why did I not write a do list?

I think I owe it to myself to reflect, partly as I am fortunate to have that option in the first place:

– 3/4 of the “do nots” is an accomplishment in itself
– how did I do on the “do”s?

Looking back I realize the Swedish culture back then and the time did not allow you to follow your passion or to pursue your dreams. It was more a risk averse relation to life and how to survive it.

Today the main theme in our emerging talent society is passion, your unique capabilities etc. so to prosper here, leverage myself and all that I will continue to avoid things, as this is how I obviously was programmed, with five new don’ts (!):

– don’t work or spend time with things and people that take more energy than it gives
– don’t let your unique capabilities be unleveraged
– don’t waste your or anyone elses time or resources
– don’t let go of your dream
– don’t become complacent, mentally or physically

Off course I have set of clear DOs as well, but for now I keep my Jack Sparrow compass to myself.

How about you, your DOs and DON’Ts?

“‘now were ya’ heading, mate?”

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