“Guns & Ammo” and why I became an assassin

After reading mind blasting books such as “the Alchemist”, ” the Black Swan” and (long ago) “Dancing Wu-Li masters” I have increasingly been thinking of probability and how to leverage it.

Overall I believe in a higher order but where random kicks in on microlevel. Some Black Swans are doomed to appear as they are statistically more likely to happen. Hence why we believe a lot of weird stuff comes from India and China. It is statistically inevitable, with so many people!

I have outlined one mantra that I like but not always follow: “We must expose ourselves to the right probabilities.”

If we communicate to ourself and the universe what we really want, it will work for us in return. (Alchemist).

Being one of many doing something I have ONE statistical ticket to extraordinary success (surroundef by many, many loosers doing the same as I but not lucky). (the Black Swan)

I am part of a numbers’ game. Quantuum Physics. (Wu Li).

So bottom line, I may as well be aware of statistics and expose myself to (for me) the right probabilities.

If I am unemployed and only read “Guns & Ammo” I am more likely to end up as an assassin than if I did not. You can apply this mental approach to almost anything. You may fail, but you are more likely to succeed.

Lock at Rebecca Black. Her viral success was bound to happen given the pure numbers of othet movies.

Is she better than tbe others? No.
Did she expose herself to the rigjt probability? Yes

Said that: do you know what you want?
Does the math work for you? Do you want to be an assassin or not?

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