drones lack of empathy

Sun Tzu in his Art of War talks about the necessity to control the highlands (today also including the skies). This was, as history shows us one major reason Hitler fell short (the fall of Luftwaffe) and how Schwarzkopf masterpieced, from a military perspective the second Gulf War.

The foundation up to date to master the skies depended on physical pilots flying those planes, pilots with families taking calculated risks.

War is awful when you encounter it and has so far been one major reason why many good leaders also has avoided it.

With drones – unmanned vehicles, spy sniper birds, attack robots, bombers and surveillance systems – reaching a commercially attractive level we face a major change in this art of war. We can fly those planes from home, like a PS3 game, making huge impact across the world.

Last weeks issue of The Economist has a great article everyone should read and discuss. The lack of empathy enabled by drone warfare is an indeed scary scenario.

This future capability of empathy will be increasingly important from this perspective, but also as a natural skill to prosper in any virtual team.

How do we teach that?

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