monkey see, monkey do

The political scene in Sweden currently throws a one-man show produced by,and starring, social democrat leader Håkan Juholt.

What will the critics say and what genre is this? Drama? Comedy? Thriller?

I believe the latter. It is a scary thriller. Let me explain why.

Our sixteen year old interviewed me the other day about cons of democracy. Since representative democracy is what we practise in Sweden, one of my main arguments against the system was “trust”. You must trust the people representing you.

“How do you do that?” was his follow on question.

“You give them the benefit of doubt. There is no other way, else I have to become 100% active myself, which is another problem with the system”

Trust in each other is also among the top future capability we will need in the global society going forward, my view, to avoid future conflicts and to drive innovation in a borderless talent society run by MNCs, NGOs, armed individual idiots and whatever will be left of our political bodies.

The future needs we have CAN be solved and financed, but the governance of these solutions (which does not exist yet) will most likely be based on some representative solution based on trust.

On top of that we all need to pay the consequences of our own actions and step up to individual accountability, which is another future capability needed we don’t practise or teach so much.

The” Mona Sahlin show” some years ago was closed down after a tacky performance related to her sloppy personal finance control. also frankly think many critics cut her show as she was a woman. Her audience slaughtered her. In my view that was a drama-comedy.

Mr Juholt must look at the man in the mirror, to quote another performer, Michael – King of Pop:

“If you want to make the world a better place, take a look at yourself and make a change”.

Trust is lost. Behavior was intentional. We can’t accept misuse of power nor any corruption. It’s time to get this monkey of our back. What we see no one must do.

If not, we have another good argument why representative democracy does not fly in one if the most geopolitically stable areas of the world.

If we let him stay on stage, and he has been wrong, we will witness a major crack in our system and that would be a thriller.

If it does not fly here, why would it fly anywhere?

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