the Joker & the practical use of game theory

When I saw ‘A beautiful mind’ with Russel Crowe I realized how much we can learn from game theory but also how little we “normal people” actually deploy it.

Teaching game theory with a practical twitch already in school should be compulsary, my view. It’s complicated math, I know, but I am sure we can create some simple apps or models for the most practical challenges we face in our daily life with the objective to create collective wisdom:

* Everybody cannot win the heart of the most beautiful girl (like in the Nash equilibrum metaphore in the movie above)

* Winning / prospering is not always a zero-sum game

* Some conflicts are impossible to solve emotionally without hard compromises (Mexican truels)

* The management appointment process in political MNC cannabalize on talent supply (good game)

* New regimes / governance structures must be developed as some of the global or regional challenges has no single client and will never have …(like controlling river basins and seas like the Baltic Sea, the Nile)

*Why always two similar shops side by side on a vast beach?

Game theory could provide us with a rational model to discuss, solve and avoid conflicts. Like rhetoric training in 1800s was limited to the aristocracy and theocracy, game theory today is limited to the highly educated or at worse, the economists, the mathematicians and the politicians. Make it public!

If nothing else, cross breed disciplines! Employ mathematicians with this skill in the HR department in order to create new models for the talent society. HR as practised today is like the education system – it us out of date … generally speaking. Or am I wrong?

Or use some game theorists in script writing for films, books and other drama plots. Let us create a drama that was not defined already in Ancient Greece?

Heath Ledgers Joker is my favorite crook. He is also a master evil game theorist using three-four different unsolvable games that creates good suspense making “the Dark Knight” an extraordinary dark thriller.

(On top of that, Heath made it realistic, to have a clown-painted despot around us. Brilliant! But he was scary as he was smart and evil – like Bart Simpson)

Said that, “Game theory for dummies” is currently not a book available. I would be happy to co-write it with an extremely diverse team…. or read it.

Anyone interested?

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