My reflection on the Deloitte HCM 2015 trend report: 6 People data everywhere

Sadly enough, using social media in the business still seems to be some kind of news in HR space, at least according to Deloitte 2015:

More than 60 % of survey respondents believe they are weak at leveraging social media data on employees to improve recruiting, engagement, and employment brand:

  • HR data strategies are expanding by harnessing and integrating external data from social media platforms and other external sources
  • the trend is accelerating as more employee data appears online
  • 39 %  of surveyed companies are now leveraging social data to support efforts 

I am not going to dwell on this topic at all. It only underlines the need to start transforming HR. When employees have higher social media impact scores than their CEOs I – at least – think this subject should be taken more seriously.

Good news is that it easier than ever to get started. More good news is that there are a lot of start-ups out there, ready to be part of changing your business model also when it comes to HR functions, as a partner (worse case). There are also plenty of out of box tools that enable you to get started in 10-12 weeks with social collaboration. I and Zalaris can help you. As with many changes, you need an internal champion, a person that likely is different from the staff you already have. (See reinvent HR.)

If you are a business leader, in- our outside HR, and wants to understand the opportunities from transitioning your business into digital positioning, I recommend a contact with They are good people whom have helped many leaders already.

Please read the full and good report from Deloitte at

Personally I am fascinated by the upside from taking this subject more seriously.

Please comment or reach out for a 1:1 to discuss this topic and share your own view.

Sven Hultin – Business Development Director at Zalaris, Sweden

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