gamification & employee engagement

This week I have spent considerable time to understand drivers and opportunities around gamification related to employee engagement. We can debate if gamification is a good name or not. Personally I believe the term behavioral economics instead, simply as that is what it is outside the game industry.

There are so many changes going on right now , see Gary Hamels fantastic pitch on reinventing management in HBR, so many technology disruptors (see Deloittes 2012 IT trend study) on top of the general global shifts when it comes to east-west service balance, BRICS accelerating capabilities versus western complacency, to be a bit bold… I don’t want to kick in open door, but you get my point.

Given the bold changes going on now at an exponential rate there seems to be a limited fuzz or debate about what this means to stay competitive, to create a sense of urgency in many companies which I find fascinating. The combination of big compliance projects, data explosion, social networks, mobility enablement, a general transition into a cloud delivery the entry of new generation workforce with a total different view of employer-employee relationship and a global game plan one would think change management and adaptive transformation would be a top discipline across all companies today?

There is so much to do!! And you are to do it with a disengaged staff!!! How?

You simply need to start building totally new capabilities, not tomorrow, today.

Either you are a start up needing support to go global or you are an existing company with the tough strategy to simply stay alive, but bottom line we need to provide more output whilst using resources in a situation where existing companies have difficulties attracting future workforce or engage existing staff as only 30% are engaged at work in a situation where the public sector needs to cut cost whilst serving more older people…. etc.

Financial Services and Public Sectors are typical areas where I personally believe we need to make a fundamental change using a combination of increased employee engagement, integrated global service delivery including offs-shoring and broken value chains, being able to understand core / non core capabilities and drive progress also in a more fun way. Let’s face it. Majority of people are disengaged. It’s a waste for them and the society at large.

Enters gamification, or  “the use of game design techniques, game thinking and game mechanics to enhance non-game contexts.”  (Wikpedia).

Gartner believes 70 % of all major companies will have a gamified enterprise application in place in 2015 considering four major aspects such as regular feedback mechanism, strict enforcement of rules, monitoring achievable results and ability to show real progress. Sounds theoretical but it makes sense for client engagement and it certainly makes sense for employees and leaders in the entire Human Capital Management Domain.

Have a look at companies in the ecosystem, such as, Yammer and workday and make your own conclusion what it means to you and your company. How often do you get recognition? Are you engaged at work? Where are you heading? How does it look for you? How do you progress your professional alignment with your passion goals?

Follow me on @gamifySE going forward which I will increasingly use as stage of innovation & experimental platform to gamifySweden!

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