my 1000th tweet reflection: wow, with an exclamation mark

My first tweet was – like for many others – along ” So I am on Twitter, now what?”, a normal unimpressed reaction entering a large empty room everyone had been talking about, empty but still cluttered with endless content…

Today, 1000 experimental tweets later, my overall conclusion is “wow”, or maybe even “wow!”, with an exlamation mark.

Whereas Facebook has become my strictly private platform with lots of good friends I am unable to meet IRL and LinkedIn my professional dito, Twitter has become one of my most powerful tools to access smart people, relevant information from its source, getting in dialogue etc. Having surfed and selected by topics I have also realised my topic flow today is getting very much aligned to my personal passion, using Twitter as the engine for my personal newsmagazine …obsolete info for most of you, I know,  but I feel obliged to say it.

It has enabled me to receive a personal reputation assessment via @perfrykman and @karinsandin, received fantastic virtual coaching from @katycaroan, encouraging me to start to blog, get my own webpage. Primarily I have started to be earnest about what topics are most interesting to me, professionally. I don’t think any other available tool than twitter combined with an open mind would have made that journey more smooth why I can recommend it.

My next 2000 tweets will hopefully be even more value add around focussed topics on top of what I collect and share (normal habit on Twitter).

Today I know I am fascinated by how to react with pragmatic or bold change to the HUGE boil-the-ocean-topic of “globalization or service industry, how it impacts nations, organisations, business and individuals to best and most pragmatic adapt/leverage business models, operational models, sustained competencies and personal career planning”.

What does this major change mean for the individual, as a starter, really? Bottom line it often covers a lot of change related disciplines across all systems, structure and people.

I am seriously struck by how critical competencies such as personal accountabilities, virtual team leadership, engaging leaders, pragmatic change and trust are not debated more and how we in modern countries can accept that so many employees are disengaged. I am also struck by how no-one really owns the topic on what strategic/critcial competencies to build on nation level (to be competitive globally to generate tax money), to teach in school, to build in the companies, to strive for on personal level — in general.

There is a lack of transparancy in who expects who to do what when it comes to “adding value”. Robin Sharma wrote the other day” The whole purpose of business it to deliver staggering value to as many humans as possible”. There is something along that quote that sparkles me, it’s about committment, a shared value that goes beyond the current psychological contract. To accept that contract personal mastery (as defined by Peter Senge) is a must. To master personal mastery you need to accept your passion. To accept your passion Twitter is ONE great tool, at least for me.

Hence, wow, with an exclamation mark.

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