why I like Jack Sparrow

I am a great fan of Jack Sparrow, not as a pirate but for being someone living a very uncertain and risky life with such an ease.

Why do I like him? It took me four movies before I realised what it was: His compass!. His compass tells him where he should be heading, where he actually wants to go, his dream, aspiration or passion (as Jack himself does not know) It is.a great metaphore that compass for a skill we all whish we had to pursue our personal aspirations and dreams.

Most of us has to divorce, change school or employer a couple of times before we know … Jack Sparrow has externalised and materialised this personal mastery (to quote Peter Senge). Jack brings up his compass, clueless and not seldom under influence and … Voila! That way, mate!

This skill, this inner compass, this indicator of what makes us and Jack tick could also be referred to as a passion indicator. At HCL technology we actually measure these Employee Passion Indicators. Like Jack Sparrows compass they indicate where I should focus. It is also expected of me.

That is why I also like HCL and its view on how to leverage each individuals passion, dreams and endless capabilities. To live your passion be a fundamental capability to succeed while being happy in service industry.

Off track? Bear away!!!


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